Money, money, money. It’s a constant stress for students. It doesn’t matter whether you live in London or Nottingham, you hear the same stories, the same worries.

English students face some of the highest tuition fees and highest average amounts of debt at graduation in the world.

On average, a student will graduate with debts of more than £40,000. This is the highest in the English speaking world.


It’s not all because of the £9,000 tuition fees, with the cost of living ever increasing and the reduction of grants from the Government, every student has a mountain of debt to climb.

Alarmingly, research suggests that many students who suffer from financial stress and worry about debt also have a higher chance of suffering depression, anxiety and alcohol dependency.

“Managing money is the hardest thing.”
Georgina, Student

Many students find it hard to make the money from their student loans last the full term. Georgina, a student, says that “managing money is the hardest thing for me and budgeting and things”.

Similarly, Dylan thinks that too much money is given and taken without thinking.


More than 60% of students across the UK worry about their finances all the time or very often according to a survey by Future Finance.


On Campus’ 5 top tips to beat the money struggles:

  1. Budget. Start the week by deciding how much you’re going to spend – consider your plans, are you going out for a meal? Are you taking a trip to the cinema? Or are you just staying in?
  2. Coupons. Use money saving sites to find the best bargains on the high street and online. Or, just pick up a newspaper.
  3. Shop around. Whether it be bank accounts or supermarkets, don’t just pick it up, it could be cheaper somewhere else!
  4. Sharing is caring. Why not take the bus instead of driving or carpool with someone.
  5. Think! Do I really need this?