Police across the city are warning students there may be nothing they can do if their mobile phones, laptops and tablets get stolen, unless they register them.

There has been numerous cases of young people reporting stolen mobile phones but there is no way of tracing them because they’re not on the system.

Police say even if stolen items are recovered, it is impossible for them to trace the owners and have launched a new campaign to raise awareness.

“It will give added protection”
Zoe wade

Zoe Wade, Police Support Commissioner, said; “The National Property Register will give added protection should it be stolen or lost.

“It is so important to educate students who are not aware of this register as it could mean their stolen items can be returned to them, otherwise there’s nothing we can do.”

Smart water
Smart water is given out to mark property.

The force is also giving out ‘smart water’ to students. This is an invisible liquid which can be used to mark your property which can be read under a UV light.

The aims of this campaign is to prevent crime prevention, to deter theft and to educate students into keeping their property safe.



Register for protection.
Protect your property by registering.