Nottingham has a rich musical history and a flourishing music scene. With new emerging talent subverting the traditional model of major record deals online recognition seems to be the new avenue.

For new music acts, gaining a major following can prove to be difficult at the early stages of their career.

Stormzy is a recent example. The independent rapper charted at number one last month with his debut album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’, selling 60,000+ online copies in the process.

‘The Stormzy model’ is proving popular, with Nottingham based artist Kwoli Black looking to follow the his blueprint.


“By putting my music on streaming websites and building my support online, I’ve been able to get attention from music fans in the US”.

As music consumption has frequently evolved, more bands are opting to not sign record deals and utilise their online following to put music out independently.

Streaming services and social media engagement may be seen as the new success formula but many believe traditional methods are just as important.

Joey Bell runs an independent music store in Nottingham and put on his own local music night.