Twenty-one year old boxer Indi Sangha will take on Ashley Lane over 10 rounds to compete for the bantamweight championship.

At just twenty-one years old, Indi is focused ahead of his bout against Northampton’s Ashley Lane, and revealed he knows what he’s coming up against.

“He’s had 18 fights, and has fought everyone in the bantamweight division, he comes in as more of a pressure fighter but I’m going to deal with him”.

  • Birth name Inderjeet Sangha
  • Born: 29-9-1995
  • Height: 5’6
  • Division: Bantamweight
  • Stance: Southpaw
  • Bouts: 5
  • Rounds: 19
  • KOs: 20%

Indi revealed that he always knew he’d get the opportunity to fight for a title so early in his career. He said: “I always knew I was ready. I’ve been sparring with good professionals since I was amateur, so I’ve got the experience. I want to make a statement during this fight.

“I want to be a good idol for derby”
Indi Sangha, boxer

“I want to be a good idol for Derby”.

Trainer, manager and former heavyweight boxer Clifton Mitchell believes that Indi Sangha “has the potential and will be worth millions in the near future.”

Video: Indi Sangha’s thoughts on Clifton Mitchell and his upcoming fight.

Clifton said that when he first met then 16 year old Indi as a fighter, he “had no technique or defence”. However, within five years of training at Clifton’s gym-One Nation, the trainer said that “Indi has improved 100% and is now a competent fighter.”

“i wouldn’t have picked this fight for indi if i didn’t think he could win the title”
Clifton mitchell, trainer and manager

Clifton contined: “As a trainer, manager and promoter, I see most of the fighters in his weight, and Indi better than most of them. During the fight, patience is key, and he will get an opportunity, he’ll just have to take it.

“I wouldn’t have picked this fight for Indi if I didn’t think he could win the title.”

Video: Quick and powerful, Indi Sangha training ahead of his title fight.

Indi is a devoted Sikh, and has a growing following from the Sikh community in Derby and over the Midlands. “He’s having a massive affect already on the Sikh community. With a bit of guidance from me picking the right fights, he will go clear to the top”, said the trainer and manager.

Since his promotion to pro in 2015, the Prince Naseem and Floyd Mayweather inspired southpaw boxer has been undefeated, winning all five fights, including one knockout.

Indi concluded: “I’ve been sponsored by a lot of Sikh people, so it’s nice to keep everything close and keep attending the gurdwara and training.”

Indi hopes to win by knocking Ashley Lane out in round 6.