Nottingham’s newly-opened drone centre, the UKDS arena, will host the city’s first national drone racing championship on Saturday (March 18).

The 25,000-square-foot building is the first indoor drone racing arena in the world and opened on March 11.

The iSeries tournament will be held at the arena and will be the beginning of a string of tournaments, to be held in Nottingham, later this year.

The race arena will be based upon the 1/4 kilometer iSeries format with the layout being reconfigured every month to keep pilots alert and focused.

“Drone racing has continued to grow like nothing I’ve ever seen”

The Nottingham indoor drone racing arena is the first to open in the world.
The Nottingham indoor drone racing arena is the first to open in the world.

Phillip Trevonnovich, a professional drone racer, said  “This is the first event of 2017 and we have some of the UK’s top drone racers and they’ll compete over the course of the day. Drone racing has continued to grow like nothing I’ve ever seen really and Nottingham’s the first, in the world, that’s actually got a committed Monday to Sunday racing arena.”


The tournament will see the nations’ best drone racers compete for the title, hoping to power through the circuit in no more than 10 seconds.

Managing Director of UKDS, Sam Shaw, told CBJ Spotlight; “We hope to actually open another two arenas in the UK this year and another 20 next year.”

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