The list for dessert places in Nottingham continues to grow. The  Creams on Maid Marian Way is set to join the likes of Heavenly Desserts, Nottingham Doughnut Company, Eggfree Cakebox as well as others.

With hundreds and hundreds of desserts to choose from, and  different dessert places specialising in waffles, crepes, cheese cakes etc. foodies with a sweet tooth are certainly spoilt for choice.

Cheesecake Shop
Cheesecake Shop

Dessert only cafes seem to be filling up a gap in the market. with more than 5 having opened up last up last year.

The competition for customers is getting harder and it seems many are having to bring a different element. Reena is a member of staff at Eggfree Cakebox and said “desserts are popular because desserts are fun”. The restaurant is proud that it caters for vegetarians, vegans and other dietary requirements

“because its eggfree that automatically makes it stand out and last minute birthday cakes are always on hand”

                                                 Reena Singh

Whether the influx of dessert parlours pose a threat to our health is another story, but it looks like they are the start of a new era with more set to come.