Three railway foot-crossings along the line between Beeston and Attenborough train stations are in danger of being closed due to safety reasons.

Network Rail has proposed to close the popular Meadow Lane along with two others – Long Lane and Barrat’s Lane No.1 as part of their plans to improve safety.

The crossings that are used by many, provide an easy access into Attenborough Nature Reserve, Beeston Marina and other trails in the area.

Despite the small number of accidents on the tracks, the crossings have been given a high risk grade.

Mike Spencer, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Trustee of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, Mike Spencer, has used the crossings for many years. He said: “I’ve never known of an accident where someone’s been damaged in any shape or form accidentally on those crossings.

“But I do take the point from Network Rail that they are representing some of the most dangerous crossings in the country because of the sheer number of people using them.”

The editor of the Beestonian, Matt Turpin, has been campaigning against the plans. He said: “We just got as many people to write to [Network Rail], to email them, to phone them and to say – you have to find a different solution.”

VIDEO: Matt Turpin on the safety of railway crossings…  

Graham and Julie,  of Barrat Lane, said: “We use either Barrat Lane or Long Lane foot-crossings every day. It would be very inconvenient for us if they closed these crossings.

“We’re afraid it will increase people using cars to get around the village.”

Chilwell residents, Rosie and Simon, cycle through the route of the Meadow Lane crossing 2-3 times a week. They said: “If it was closed, we would lose access to the Nature Reserve and the river where we do most of our cycling.

“We’d have to cycle in through the village and on the road rather than off the road, which would make a big difference to us.”

More than 500 people attended the last public meeting in Attenborough. Network Rail is now in a process of compiling the feedback it received before making any further decisions.

Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry, has set up an online petition to keep the crossings open. To view it, please visit: