The streets and pavements of Nottingham are often filled with buskers singing and playing their chosen instruments.

buskers hope that those strolling the streets of the city will spare them some change

Many buskers throughout the years have really made their mark. Frank Robinson, better known as the Xylophone man, charmed the people of Nottingham for numerous years. A plaque is now placed outside the H&M store near Broadmarsh, which was Franks favourite spot to play.
Many people decide to busk in order to collect money. With homelessness in Nottingham reaching its highest last year, people turn to performing music on the streets to simply stay alive. However, young and aspiring artists often parade their talent around the streets, not only to gain some money but to also showcase their passion for music.

people still perform on the streets of Notts throughout the winter months

Jaque Seviour a 22 year old bartender plays on the streets of Nottingham as he simply loves music. His love for music began when he first listened to Oasis, and although he busks because of his passion for singing and playing his guitar he does state how it does help to make ends meet. Jaque performs both covers, and original songs in a way to use up free time and to rehearse for gigs.

Rescue Rooms and Filthys hold Open Mic nights every week and many artists who are looking for their lucky break often attend frequently. There is always something going on in the city to suit a range of music tastes. Rock City and the Motorpoint arena host numerous bands such as The Kooks and Bear’s Den.