Students from Nottingham Trent University have successfully defended themselves against a civil court action by Nottingham City Council over a damaged wheelie bin.

The council sent a Community Protection Notice (CPN) to the house located on Cromwell Street accusing the students of neglecting the bin after it had been emptied.

The fact that the no lid bin had been left out so long meant that stagnated water had left a bad smell on the street disturbing neighbours and the general public.

But the students argued in court that the bin had been damaged and its lid broken off before they had moved in.

They also claim that the bin was hard to identify as the base colour was red and the number 23 on the bin was also red which made it difficult to identify.

Theatre Design student Mhairi Anderson, 19, spent two hours on Google Earth to find a photo of the damaged bin, dating back to April 2016, which cleared the students of any wrong doing.

” I want to go into teaching…. it could severely impact that.”
Mhairi Anderson, Theatre Design Student 

Mhairi and her family were also concerned for her future career as any criminal conviction sanctioned against her could potentially halt her dreams of being a teacher.

Audio: Mhairi Anderson talks about appealing the CPN

The council’s solicitor Sarah Mills has now sent a letter to Miss Anderson following examination of the evidence stating that “the matter has been reviewed and in the light of the documentation you submitted to the court, the notice has been cancelled”.

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