Nottingham Animal Rights group are protesting against local pub, The Ruddington Arms that has been serving Foie-Gras.

Foie-Gras, which is French for fat liver, is illegal to produce in the UK due to animal welfare laws however, it’s not illegal to trade and sell.

Nottingham Animal Rights group peacefully protested outside the venue and vow to protest every time they have Foie-Gras on their menu.

Throughout the protest, an audio recording was played, illustrating the cruelty , torment and pain the animals are put through for human desire.

It explained how during the process of creating the Foie-Gras, a pipe is put into the bird mouth and down it’s throat. A large quantity of food can be force fed two to three times a day.

“There’s different levels of cruelty and this is one of the very cruel ones”
Kelly Spink, Nottingham Animal Rights activist

The birds used for Foie-Gras are kept in small, wire or plastic cages. Their heads are kept out of a small gap at the front of the cage, making it easy to force feed them.

They are force fed to such an extent, that their livers grow up to six to 10 times the normal size, making the liver explode. This is extremely painful for the animal.

“It’s horrid. There’s different levels of cruelty and this is one of the very cruel ones. So take back the power and say no to foie-gras”. Kelly Spink, Nottingham Animal Rights activist.

Audio: News package, Pam Duffy and Kelly Spink

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