A campaign has been launched against a planned High Speed Rail route in Newton, near Alfreton in Derbyshire. The group set up by residents of the community hopes to put a stop to the route.

The group was set up to fight against the planned HS2 route which will cut through the village and destroy a number of homes.

With house prices already low in the area, the route will reduce the value of the houses even more which is a concern for people who wish to relocate.

The Government have offered those whose houses will be demolished an extra 10% on top of the value of the house however residents say this isn’t enough.


Video: Frances Brunt talks about the affects of the planned route

Pictured below are just a few of the houses which will be affected.





Locals attend a meeting about the proposed route

The Derbyshire County Council say they are working with the local community especially those in areas which will have significant impact. However residents of Newton do not think it’s enough.


Video: Tony and Dorothy Mellors say the compensation isn’t enough.

Banners, leaflets and response forms are being handed out to make more people aware of the effect the route will have and put a stop to it.

You can support and keep up to date with what is happening on their facebook group. HS2BlackwellGroup