More than 11,000 drivers have been fined for driving through a ‘bus gate’ on Shakespeare street in Nottingham’s city centre, a road that isn’t used by buses.

Between January and September last year the city council dished out fines worth more than £460,658. It happened on a stretch of Shakespeare Street that runs through Nottingham Trent University’s city campus.

Taxi drivers feel that if they get in any kind of situation, no one really bothers or wants to help, even if they are in the right. But if the public gets an extra 30p charge or taken by a route which they seem is long, everyone including the council will try and take action. Which to many drivers is unfair and biased.

Nirmal Singh, who has been a taxi driver in Nottingham for almost 20 years, says the bus gate signs need to be made clearer:

Another taxi driver, who only wants to be known as Abdul, agrees.

However, the council says the signs are clear and in the correct places.


Shakespeare street NTU side
Shakespeare street NTU side

Top 5 streets which the highest number of fines (From Jan 2016 till Sep 2016)

  1. Shakespeare Street – £460,658
  2. Lower Parliament Street – £118,172
  3. Carrington Street – £95,420
  4. Cheapside – £95,420
  5. Milton Street – £80,069