Almost three quarters of food outlets in the city have been given at least a rating of four out of five for hygiene, which is higher than the national average.

Local authorities are responsible for

carrying out inspections of food businesses to check that they meet the requirements of food hygiene law.

Ratings are based on the findings of inspections and published online.

Businesses will receive a rating ranging from ‘very good’ to ‘urgent improvement necessary’.


anthony quinn, the pudding pantry owner

Most businesses

set up in Nottingham appear to have made hygiene a top priority with 246 out of 346 rated at least ‘good’.

Anthony Quinn, owner of the Pudding Pantry, Trinity Square, says he would never serve from a dirty kitchen;

“I don’t like the thought of giving food out knowing it hasn’t been made with at least basic hygiene. We give a service front of house…it’s got to be be the same behind closed doors.”

What other businesses in Nottingham have a five rating for hygiene?

The Pudding Pantry is just one example of a businesses that aims to maintain their ‘very good’ hygiene.

Hear more about how Anthony tries to keep up his rating:

Stickers and signs are displayed in windows to present ratings but can often be missed by potential customers.

Some residents of Nottingham told CBJ they would be put of a businesses with low hygiene ratings but often forget to check the window to see if they have been inspected.

Food Standards Agency’s general manger Paul Whittel, who provide the food hygiene scheme for local authorities believes customers should try and look out for the signs if they are not surprised when  their food quality isn’t great;

‘Often the service is sub-standard and the food may not reflect that off someone who takes care with hygiene. It’s not always the case but lack of food hygiene is reflected in the company in general’.

Overall Nottingham appears to have hygienic kitchens. Whether you’re out buying a last-minute sausage roll or treating yourself to a meal…it is recommended you check the rating by the FSA, espesically if you’re in an unfamilar area.

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