A city centre tourist attraction has been advertised for sale online – just months after it opened.

The exhibit has gone on sale because the founder and owner, David Ward, is looking to retire. He hopes to find a new investor to take the attraction forward in to the future.

The Robin Hood Legacy on Friar Lane, Nottingham, is an interactive ‘adventure’ which follows the story of the outlaw himself.

It became the only tourist attraction dedicated to the legend after The Tales of Robin Hood exhibit shut down in 2009.

The Resident Robin Hood and Maid Marian at The Robin Hood Legacy, Nottingham.
The Resident Robin Hood and Maid Marian at The Robin Hood Legacy, Nottingham.

Through exploring the many rooms of the exhibit, visitors travel back in time to meet Robin Hood’s friends and enemies and become part of the legend – from Sherwood Forest to Friar Tuck’s Abbey.

The eBay listing advertises the business with a ‘Buy it Now’ price tag of £25,000 and many have already shown a keen interest to invest.

“It’s a great place to get noticed”
Adam Greenwood, Manager and Resident Robin Hood

Adam Greenwood, Manager and resident Robin Hood at the attraction, said that the business had attracted a lot of attention since the advertisement was posted and hoped it would raise publicity.

“We had a lot of people contacting us wanting to know more about it. We had the press and other media get involved when they saw the advert online.”

He added, “We don’t really expect anyone to click ‘Buy it Now’ on eBay, but it’s a great place for people to go and browse and it’s a great place to get noticed.”

“There have been no further offers so far but there’s quite a lot in the pipeline.”

Since the closure of multiple Robin Hood-dedicated landmarks across the city, such as The Tales of Robin Hood, World of Robin Hood and the Loxley Tavern, it was suggested that the city has been in need of an attraction to celebrate its local hero.

Bob White, the Chairman of the Worldwide Robin Hood Society, says that the lack of tourist attractions focusing on Robin Hood has become a problem.

He said, “Anyone who comes here, even if they didn’t come initially to see Robin Hood, subconsciously creates that connection.”

“The disappointment in the past has been commented on.”

In the meantime, Adam hopes that the prospective owner and himself will be able to develop the attraction for the years to come.