The Sid Sottung Academy, on Mansfield Road, is welcoming a record number of trainee barbers and hairdressers in 2017, whilst new figures suggest a further increase in UK male grooming.

Research by the National Hairdressing Federation has shown that 80% of males believe that maintaining a well groomed appearance is seen as a sign of self respect.

This staggering trend has clearly had an effect in Nottingham with over 130 registered barbers and hairdressers in the city; compared to 87 in 2002.

Matthew, one of Sid’s trainees and educators at the Academy, believes that this is down to an increase in aspiring male hairdressers.

“We’ve certainly seen an increase in guys coming to the academy, even in the short time we have been open,” he said.

The academy has been open since 2014.

“I think it’s down to guys taking more pride in their appearance. It’s no longer just about a short back and sides, men are more interested in expressing new, different styles,” he said.

The academy has earned plenty of recognition, most recently ‘Training Academy of the Year’ by the Barber Awards in 2016.

Connor Calder, another student from Sid’s Academy, says that, despite already being in the industry with the Nottingham Barber Shop on Friar Lane, he believes his experience with Sid has helped him develop his knowledge.

“He’s internationally renowned for his work, it’s a pleasure to learn from someone of his calibre,” he added.

Connor is also a model for online fashion retailer ASOS, and believes that the growth of the hairdressing industry can be traced to an increased self consciousness amongst its customers.

“It’s what first got me into hairdressing. Interest in styles on social media made me want to go and perfect my own self appearance, as well as help other people with theirs”

One in five salon workers, like Connor and Matthew, are now male and, as the beauty industry continues to grow and trend, Sid Sottung’s Academy looks to inspire a new wave of barbers and stylists across the East Midlands.