‘Help the Refugees’ is a Nottingham based charity run by Sahira Kauser. The single parent of two started fundraising in ‘memory of her late mother’.


Sahira Kauser first got involved in fundraising when she came across ‘East Midlands Solidarity’ Facebook post, who were doing a food collection for Calais. She then went on to create her own Facebook page to fundraise saying

I want to do this in my mum’s name, in her memory

Using the power of social media, Sahira collects clothing, food, medicines and toiletries for more than 10,000 refugees in Calais. The countless supplies are kept in her front room which are donated from the local community.

It is expected that there is close to 10,000 refugees in the Calais camp. The French government have been under pressure to tackle the humanitarian crisis in the camp, where poor sanitation, food shortages and the exploitation of women and children. Sahira tells us how it is ‘difficult’ to get into the camps and you have to be with a male at all times for ‘safety’.

Working alongside a team of volunteers, Sahira expects to go back to Calais as part of the Chicken Biryani Project. They hope to take over cooked food straight through to the refugees in Calais, along side the truck full’s of clothing and essentials.

They are hoping that more people give food and supplies, to increase their donations and visit the refugee sites again very soon. Sahira’s front room has been taken over by the donations, but says its ‘not nearly enough’.

For more information follow ‘Help the Refugees’ on Facebook.