A Nottingham-based nutritionist has warned of the dangers of public health worsening due to rising vegetable prices and rations.

The bad weather in Europe has already caused a shortage in courgettes and other salad vegetables including peppers, tomatoes and aubergines.

These vegetables are out of season in the UK as they are harvested in the summer time, meaning most of the iceberg lettuce that the UK consumes is imported from Europe.

In this case, there was record rainfall in Spain causing the crop yield to be ruined – meaning there is not as much lettuce for import.

However, Nottingham-based nutritionist Susan Hart has told the public there are home-grown alternatives that can be made into delicious alternatives to salads.

Susan Hart talks vegetables

These shortages are expected to last until April. Shoppers have been panicking but retailers are encouraging people to buy British instead as there is a huge amount of seasonal veg available in the UK.

During the UK winter months, farmers across Britain produce Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celeriac and many others.

“We need to look at what we have growing here in the UK before we panic”
Susan hart, nutritionist

Nottingham already has an above national average obesity level. It is feared that a shortage of vegetables could worsen the problem.

Due to the shortage in fruit and vegetables, prices will rise further, which will make healthier choices harder.

Chocolate is cheaper than fruit in some cases
Chocolate is cheaper than fruit in some cases