The campaign of UK-based charity Veganuary to cut out animal products in January is being welcomed in Nottingham. Veganuary aims to change public attitudes towards veganism and reduce the suffering of animals.

We’ve all heard of Dry January, Stoptober and Movember, but now Veganuary is growing in popularity.

Founded in 2014, with 3,300 people taking part, the campaign has grown rapidly.

Veganuary this year will see over 60,000 people from all around the world adopting a vegan diet for a month.

“Many places now have vegan menus as standard”
Jane Land, Co-founder of VEGANUARYJ

Nottingham residents getting involved in the campaign will be supported by the city; with chain restaurants’ offers, independent vegan cafés and shops, and a guidance scheme all available.

The Fox cafe in Hockley specialises in vegetarian and vegan food

Jane Land, co-founder of Veganuary, says food and hospitality markets have adapted in recent years to cater for vegans.

“We’ve seen a massive increase in vegan labelling in restaurants over the last four years and many places now have vegan menus as standard

“We’ve got a number of chain restaurants supporting us this year,” she said

  • Being vegan means cutting out all products derived from animals
  • Vegans don’t just cut out meat, dairy and egg products, they also avoid leather and cosmetics tested on animals
  • There are currently over half a million vegans in the UK
  • Veganism has grown by 360% over the last 10 years
  • Driving the growth are young people; almost half of vegans in the UK are aged 15-34
  • There are twice as many female vegans than males, with 63% of vegans being female
  • Most vegans live in urban areas; 22% live in London alone

Jane links this to the long-term success of Veganuary. She said; “Knowing that good food is easily available is part of the reason why more than half of Veganuary participants choose to stay vegan.”

Around 63% of people taking part in the campaign in 2016 still identified as being vegan six months after taking the pledge.

Various chain restaurants in Nottingham are supporting the campaign, offering discounts on their vegan options.

These include Zizzi’sLas Iguanas and Pret a Manger.

All Bar One has even created a new vegan menu especially for Veganuary.

All Bar One has created a new menu for Veganuary

Nottingham is also home to independent cafes and shops for vegans all year round.

“Nottingham is better than most cities of its size for its provisions for vegans”
Adrian Bhagat, Owner of Bluebird Wholefoods

These include Bluebird Wholefoods in Sherwood, which sells animal-free products from food and drinks, to non-leather shoes and cruelty-free cosmetics.

Bluebird Wholefoods in Sherwood caters for every vegan need
Bluebird Wholefoods in Sherwood caters for every vegan need Owner Adrian Bhagat believes Nottingham is a vegan-friendly city.

Owner Adrian Bhagat believes Nottingham is a vegan-friendly city.

Audio: Adrian Bhagat speaks about being a vegan in Nottingham.

As well as the international Veganuary, Nottingham’s Vegan Challenge provides mentors and advice to those going vegan during January.

Run by volunteer-led social enterprise Veggies Catering Campaign, there will be a meeting at the Sumac Centre at Forest Fields on 21st January.

Thai Red Curry, a simple and healthy vegan meal
Thai Red Curry, a simple and healthy vegan meal

Learn how to make this easy vegan dinner, one of Veganuary’s many recipes.

For more information about the Veganuary campaign visit or

To find vegan restaurants, shops and events in Nottingham visit

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