Since the 14th century, it looks like destiny has been trying to give us a heads-up about Donald Trump.

It seems that the President of the United States has a gargoyle doppelganger in Southwell Minister in North Nottinghamshire.

Screenshot: Samira Ahmed/ Twitter
Screenshot: Samira Ahmed/ Twitter

Gargoyles are water spouts, diverting rainwater from the stone walls of cathedrals.

The word gargoyle is a french word for throats and is technically called ‘grotesque’.

They were usually fearsome to scare people into church.

It’s thought that gargoyles date back to Ancient Egypt and many of them are based on pagan monsters.

So far there has not been a comment from the White House about how Mr. President feels about having a gargoyle look a like.

Chief Steward of Southwell Minster, Shaun Boney, says there is a possibility that the gargoyle was modelled on Mr. Trump’s ancestor…