Companies like East Midlands, CrossCountry, Virgin train services are planning to reduce their fares for long connecting journeys on selected routes.

Britain hopes a significant overhaul in train fares, will make it easier to buy the cheapest tickets. Train services such as the East Midlands, Virgin trains, East and West Coast services are aiming on removing fares of long connecting journeys, if it will save in cost.

Using London as a reference, Founder of Money Saving Expert-dot-com Martin Lewis told Independent Radio News, how cheap tickets could end up being if the trials run.



Train tickets can get expensive over time, especially for people that travel long distances and have long connecting trains. In result people end up taking the bus or have to book train tickets months in advance which can be a hard at times. However, due to the new plan peoples train tickets could get a lot cheaper. This could bring a smile to many as train tickets could get affordable and convenient for the public.

Frequent train users in Nottingham; Ellie Bratt, Samuel Adebare and Ronnie Yeung share their opinion on how they feel about the plan on reducing train fares.

So far people seem to appreciate the plan and find that it could be beneficial. Now lets wait for the trails to start in May.