The Old Market Square in the heart of Nottingham will host an Anti-Muslim ban protest, after new US president Donald Trump signed an executive order banning travel from seven countries.

The seven Muslim countries that are being banned from travelling into the US for 90 days are: Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria and Somalia.

This ruling has been met with widespread criticism from celebrities, members of the public and politicians alike. Citizens across the US are continuing to take action across numerous airports throughout the country.

Talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, tweeted “For me, America is great because of all the people who came here. Not in spite of them.

Prime Minister, Theresa May, has also been subject to much criticism after she failed to condemn the ban herself.

Trump's new executive order has been globally divisive.
Trump’s new executive order has been globally divisive.

The protest is set to start at 5:30pm in Nottingham City Centre on January 30, 2017. Over 800 people have said on social media site Facebook they are attending the event.

It is said to be one of dozens of demonstrations set to take place simultaneously across the country to show their support against the executive order.

Protest organiser, Niamh Cooper, is hoping the government understand and take the message on-board.

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This new order comes only a week after Donald Trump took charge of the white house and became the 45th President of the United States.

Are you planning on attending the demonstration later? Will the protest prove to be effective? Let us know your thoughts.