A Nottingham woman has decided to take advantage of a perceived gap in the comic book market, in hopes that it makes the medium more respected as an art form.

Comic book lover, Steff Humm, 27, has produced a fortnightly newsletter called INK. The magazine allows other fans to be involved within the comic book community.

Following a traditional magazine style, INK provides interviews with illustrators, such as Simone Lia and Stephen Collins, Guardian and Observer cartoonist, as well as feature articles and book reviews.

Author, creator and publisher of INK, Steff Humm
Author, creator and publisher of INK, Steff Humm

Steff Humm, created INK as part of her MA in multi-media journalism. She is currently a freelance journalist, but is mainly focussing on the newsletter.

She says, “the comic book industry in this country is quite quiet. The representation of comic books isn’t great and there’s some amazing comics that need showcasing.”


“The INK newsletter is going in the right direction for what we need at the moment”
Art Welldon, President of Nottingham Trent University’s Comic Book Society


Audio: Steff Humm talks about the future of the newsletter.

Page 45, a comic book shop in Nottingham that supports INK, believes comic books are often commercialised. Stephen Holland, owner of the shop, believes there is more to comics than that, including topics like crime and politics.

Video: Comic book store, Page 45.

Nottingham Trent University is host to a Comic, Cartoons and Creative Society. The president of the group, Art Wellden says, “the INK newsletter is going in the right direction for what we need at the moment…it being much more than just a block buster fad for people to get into. It is an art form”.

Comics cover many different genres, including: politics, crime, anime, manga, superheroes, murder mystery and folk tale

Comic books were first acknowledged in 18th century Japan and 1830’s Europe, however they were popularised in 1930’s United States.

The biggest comic corporations are Marvel, who created The Hulk and Captain America and DC who made Superman.

The newsletter is continuing to grow, with the subscriber count increasing. Comic book lovers of Nottingham hope, that the newsletter will bring to light that there is more to comics than Marvel and DC.

You can sign up to INK newsletter here for all the latest comic book news and updates.

To view Nottingham Trent University’s Comic Society, look at their Facebook page.

Use the hashtag #inknewsletter to continue the discussion on our Twitter page.

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