Today, multi-billionaire business man Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States of America. The republican pledges to ‘Make America Great Again’.

At around 5pm UK time, Trump is expected to take his oath. This will be followed by two inaugural balls and a salute to the troops.

He has the worst approval rating for a president-elect in years, journalists were reporting this morning. However, not everybody feels as negatively about the upcoming presidency.

According to the travel website,, there has been an increase of 168% of Russians visiting America, since Trump’s election win was announced in November last year.

Nottingham locals have joined protests around the world by displaying banners arguing with Trump’s mission to ‘Build A Wall’, separating Mexico with the United States.

Trump made a joke about the poor weather at the inaugur

ation today, laughing “if it really pours, that’s ok, because people will realise it’s my real hair!’. The clip can be found below.

Audio: Trump jokes about his hair in the rain

You can hear a full report from CBJ News below:

Audio: CBJ News reports covers the inauguration of Trump