Nottingham students are calling for the TV licence fee to be modernised as they believe it penalises them unfairly.

The average student in Nottingham receives £3,928 per academic year and roughly the majority of this will go on bills, rent and food. This leaves many struggling to budget in a TV Licence.

It’s been 25 years since the licence fee was put into place across the country and the number of people paying it has increased by one million in one decade.


A recent survey, by Haris Student Tracker, found that most students watched TV online through catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer. But a change from last September (2016) in the law prevents this.

The average student who lives in student accommodation can now receive up to 1 to 15 letters reminding them to pay their licence fee per year which means millions is spent each year on letters and postage costs.

Audio: Caroline Levesque Bartlett believes students shouldn’t have to pay the fee.

Caroline Levesque Bartlett, who has started an online petition calling for the fee to be revised, said: “The TV licence is an out-dated system which is not fit for the modern era, we have moved along with change over the years so the law should too.”

Students have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations:

The TV licence fee is currently frozen and will remain at £145.50 until 31st March 2017. But students are worried they will be asked to pay even more after March.

Audio: Mark Whitehouse, East Midlands Spokesperson for TV Licensing, gives students advice for paying the licence fee…

TV Licensing allows students to apply for a refund of part of their licence fee when they move back home at the end of term. To apply click here.

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