Protests will be carried out in Nottingham for the stand up to racism and unite against facism, ‘Dump the Trump’ rally in Market Square.

After pledging to ‘make America great again’, Donald Trump is now the 45th president and was inaugurated into the Whitehouse today (January 20).

People in Nottingham are set to demonstrate against the new president at a protest which kicks of at 6pm.

Already, more than 60 democrats in Congress are believed to have boycotted the Inauguration event, along with a number of celebrities that have expressed their disapproval on Twitter.

But former president Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama were there.

Music artist Jackie Evancho had been asked to sing the American national anthem, and following a tweet that he is in Washington D.C, Nigel Farage was expected to be in attendance.

During his presidential campaign, Trump vowed to change policies regarding immigration, national security, foreign policy, healthcare, gun control, criminal justice and many more.

Audio: Politics Lecturer Matthew Ashton, talks about what Inauguration means.