Government welfare cuts have resulted in Nottingham’s homeless problem getting worse according to a leading charity working to help people living on the city’s streets.

The number of rough sleepers in the city is on the rise with the situation feared to get worse.

The homeless charity Framework believes that whilst the cutbacks are yet to take their full effect, their impact is already being felt across the country, not just in Nottingham.

The charity has helped more than 3,500 people in the last year avoid eviction from their homes. It also helps people living on the streets by providing shelters.

Many reasons have been identified for homelessness including alcohol and drug addiction and mental health issues.

Former offenders, upon release from prison, may also find it difficult to find work and secure a home.

The charity’s dedicated Street Outreach team, formed in 1998, is out each night of the year going around the city in the early hours helping people who are sleeping rough.

Jason Marriott, the Service Manager for the charity’s Outreach team, spoke about what they do on a daily basis.

People can help the team by reporting any rough sleepers via the StreetLink website and app which simply records the location of a rough sleeper and what time they were seen, before the report is sent to the local authority concerned who are then responsible for providing support.

StreetLink will also contact the council within ten working days to request an update on the situation whilst the person who made the report can also ask for a follow-up.

If you see someone sleeping on the streets you can submit a report by calling 0300 500 0914, visiting or by downloading the app on Apple and Android devices.

With the prospect of future cutbacks yet to take place, Jason talked about how a charity like Framework must plan ahead for the future.