A family who visited Red’s True BBQ in Nottingham on Sunday, were left devastated when receiving their 11 year old daughter’s birthday cake.

The post, which was uploaded to the Red’s True Barbecue Nottingham Facebook page, went viral over the start of the week, causing an uproar of comments from internet users.

The original post, written by the 11 year old’s mother, said, “Someone in the kitchen had a right laugh ruining my 11 year old’s cake.. absolutely fuming.. staff said all we can do is say sorry and that it was an honest mistake”.

Large numbered candles were placed in the child’s eyes on her photograph. Her aunt explained to me that “her granddad took that photo.. he sadly passed away” and that her niece “was so close with him and that’s why she wanted that picture on her cake”.

“my daughter loved this place and no longer wants to eat here again”

Danielle Watson, child’s mother

Red’s True Barbecue marketing director wouldn’t comment further on the matter when I got in touch with him, however he did reply to the post offering a “heartfelt apology on behalf of Red’s”.


Whether this was an honest mistake, or a distasteful joke, Red’s True Barbecue’s reputation has suffered as a consequence and this is one family, that won’t be coming back to dine with them.