Nottingham Castle has been a key fixture since 1068, throughout the years it has been attacked, rebuilt and attacked again. Now in place of this great historic landmark,stands a museum in need of attention.

The Nottingham Castle Trust must raise the remaining £3.1 million in order to complete the £25 million revamp job. The idea is to restore and redesign the entire site from the caves to the grounds and everything in between to enhance the visitor experience.

Newark Castle & Gardens - Also maintained by Nottingham Castle Trust
Newark Castle & Gardens – Also maintained by Nottingham Castle Trust

The success and prosperity of Nottingham Castle is tied solely to its charitable contributions and has been since it became the first public museum and art gallery outside of London in 1878.

“This extraordinary historic building will once more become a focal point for Nottingham”
Jonathan Platt, head of Heritage Lottery Fund East Midlands

This is the first major revamp planned since the 17th Century – the idea comes after multiple reports that the structure was ‘underwhelming’.

Nottingham Castle Trust applied for Heritage Lottery Fund money-which was successful. However, £5.5 million will still be taken from the taxpayer as the £14 million awarded by the lottery fund does take a big bulk of the costs – but not all of them.

Nottingham Castle – Courtesy of Nottingham Heritage

Proposed Plans:

  • The Castle – There will be a new collection of displays: And new touring exhibition spaces, artworks and facilities – including a terraced restaurant.
  • Robin and the Rebels – In an interactive ‘cave’ visitors will be part of a cast of time-travelling digital characters – as they play out the history of Britain
  • Lower Bailey – The medieval gateway and a new visitor centre will form an exciting new welcome area for the Castle.
  • Castle Rock – Follow an ancient walk past new entrances into caves and archaeological features. A restored medieval gatehouse will frame the Castle grounds and beyond.
  • The Caves – A new glass lift will take you up through Castle Rock from the Cosmic Caves as well as restorations to the caves and expanded tours.

Although no definite plans have been made on when it will all begin, renovations should start in 2017 providing funding is secured.

The council has announced that it expects to attract up to 40,000 visitors in the first year alone ; claiming the scheme would boost the local economy by more than £90 million over 10 years.