A company which provides model essays for students says it would never help a student cheat and that the essays they provide are purely on a ‘learn by example’ basis.

UK Essays was first set up by Barclay Littlewood in 2003 who originally wrote model answers for students from his bedroom in Ravenshead.

Since then, the company has expanded and now has 54 staff at its offices based in Arnold.

“You walk into any university bookshop and you could buy a book with hundreds of essays”

Chief Operations Director Daniel Dennehy says the company is only providing the same service as university book shops however the service they offer is more tailored to the student.

Daniel said; “In terms of what we offer there’s only a slight variance to what’s already available, we just tailor it to that one specific user.”

The essays are designed to help students learn by looking at how it should be done so they can go away and do it for themselves.

Students can submit a request for an essay via the company website http://www.ukessays.co.uk where they will be asked the subject area, length of the essay and the grade they require.

The company will then work with a team of researchers to ensure that the essay fits the requirements which will then be delivered to the student within a week.

Prices for a 2,500 word 2:1 essay start at £337 with this increasing to £777 for a First-class grade.

The service has been criticised by universities who brand the practice as cheating. But Daniel Dennehy insists the company would never work with a student who claimed to submit the work as their own.


Audio: Daniel Dennehy talks about how UK Essays would never help a student cheat.

Daniel also said that he thinks more needs to be done to police the system and ensure that students aren’t using their service to cheat.

As well as offering model answers, students can also access free resources including advice on essay writing and referencing.