Nottingham residents are being asked if stores should be closed over Boxing Day and sales delayed to give retail workers a well-needed rest.

A national petition was started just over a month ago and has already seen a national interest, with over 219,000 people signing. This could make the frantic 9am rush to the nearest shopping centre on Boxing Day for a bargain a thing of the past.

Public petitions only need to reach 100,000 signatures for parliament to have to debate the matter. The main concern which is driving the petition is the over-working of retail employees over the Christmas period.

There are over 2.7m people in the UK that work in the retail sector. Over one million of these people are employed by one of the big four supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons). Showing that a shopping free Boxing Day would be ideal for their hard working staff.

“People need some decent family time to relax and enjoy the festivities”
Ian Lapworth, Petition Creator

This petition is being welcomed by retail workers as they potentially will have an extra day off this year, Victoria Centre employee Peter Horan welcomes the change…

Nottingham’s Victoria Centre boats over 90 stores, all of which would be forced to close and miss out on one of the years biggest trading days, arguably massively damaging their profits.

Ian also argues that 30 years ago, people managed fine without shopping on Boxing Day and wants people to appreciate the time with their families.

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