County councillors have allowed energy developers to explore for shale gas around a Nottinghamshire village.

After a meeting held at County Hall, Island Gas Energy (IGas) are now permitted to test for shale gas around the small North Nottinghamshire village of Misson.

If shale gas is found at the site, plans could then be formed for fracking to take place.

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Local planning committee meeting

Before the planning committee met, protestors gathered outside the Nottinghamshire County Council headquarters to object to the proposals.

CBJ News spoke to Derek Harlow from Frack Free Notts:


The main concerns about the site are the issues with fracking, Misson Carr – the nearby site of Special Scientific Interest and the flood zone.

Sue Saddington, Vice-Chairman of the Planning Committee, spoke of the councillors dilemma:


IGas shares have increased by 25% since the planning approval.

Even though fracking was temporarily banned in the UK in 2011 and 2012 after minor earthquakes in Lancashire, the government says that it could be the way forward.

“The direction of travel of the government’s energy policy promotes investment in high cost fossil fuels”
Councillor Steve Calvert

Modern day fracking didn’t begin until the 1990s. This happened when a new technique was created, which took hydraulic fracturing and combined it with horizontal drilling.

So what is fracking…

A hole is drilled into the ground approximately 4000 metres deep creating a well.

The drill horizontally.

Water, sand and chemicals are then injected into the well.

The rock becomes fractured.

Finally, they draw the gas out.