Student households have received 3 times more notices for poor waste disposal than last year.

A total of 968 Section 46 notices have been served to students this year, requiring them to present waste in a specific way.

The number of community protection notices, which target bad behaviour including excessive noise, has also increased.

Nottingham City Council is appealing for financial contributions from local universities due to the impact the issues have caused on budget strained communities.

“there hasn’t been anything to identify our students as any cause of issue”


Video: Timi Oluwasanmi talks to CBJ news about the issues

Timi Oluwasanmi, President of Nottingham Trent’s Student Union, said ” We recently got contacted, but they are not exactly sure who is making noise yet”

” If the report comes forward and says anything about our students we will take preventive measures, but currently there hasn’t been anything to identify our students as any cause of issue”

The council have attempted to address the issue with foot patrols, door knocking and information stalls to educate students. They also have an online student living guide.

Nottingham City council Student Living Guide asks students to avoid:

  • Making a mess
  • Making lots of noise within the neighbourhood
  • Letting your garden get out of control
  • Parking inconsiderately
  • Fly Tipping

The council also have a student website where students can find lots of information including their bin collection dates, and how to apply for a parking permit.

Councillor Nicola Heaton said in a council meeting “The noise nuisance and trade waste have become more pronounced this academic year”

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