Workers at a Nottingham support group say it is a tragedy that the Government has used much of a £1.4 billion budget set aside for mental health services in the UK for other departments.

This comes after a report by the Education Policy Institute on Children and Young People’s Mental Health found that the funding is being used to prop-up other departments as a result of NHS cuts.

Although people of all ages can suffer from mental health problems, recent research has found that young people, in particular students, are exposed to many factors that can lead to issues with their mental health.

Student Minds, the UK’s Student Mental Health Charity, conducted a survey in which they found that 72% of the 236 students asked said they have had a personal experience with mental health issues, with 59% of these being female.

A twitter poll showing the most common causes of student mental health issues. 

Harmless, a community interest group based in the city centre, helps to support both adults and young people with issues such as mental health and suicidal thoughts.

The group offers therapeutic support in Nottingham city centre and runs workshops around the country to provide vital help for those who need it most.

Val Stevens, a self-harm and suicide prevention worker for Harmless, said; “We provide people of all ages with ongoing psychological support and see tremendous turnarounds in their lives.”

But Harmless, like many other help-groups, depends on vital funding from the government, which may be threatened if not used correctly:

Val Stevens, commenting on the effects of the government not providing sufficient funding.

Front-line staff fear the mis-use of funding will impact on services in the future.


Val has appealed to anyone who may be struggling with mental health issues to contact the services available.

She said; “You are not alone and there is still help available.”

Nottingham Trent University students were asked about their experiences with mental health issues whilst studying. Many believed there would be support available for them if they needed it:

Anyone affected by these issues can contact Harmless by visiting