There has been a second day of protests across America after Donald Trump’s election success and here in Nottingham people have also been vocal about his shock victory.


Image: Dr Chris Baker-Beall

Dr Chris Baker-Beall, a politics lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, says Trump has stirred racial hatred during his election campaign.

He said, “What’s really concerning is if he tries to put some of these policies into practice.”

Trumps unfiltered statements have tapped into the anxieties of minorities, with some of his comments being deemed as racist and sexist.

Dr Baker-Beall added, “If he does these things we can see real tension in the United States of America over the next few years.”

However, not all have been completely against the new change.

“I can understand why they wanted someone different”





Images: Andrew Allison

Andrew Allison, Head of campaign for the Freedom Association based in Nottingham, has criticised the demonstrations.

“Those people who are complaining about Trump and out the streets saying we reject the president elect need to learn a thing or two about democracy.”

He believes that Trump supporters, just like those who voted for Brexit, wanted to see a reshape in the ways in which their country is governed.

He said, “I can understand why they wanted someone different. That seems to be the mood right across the world.”

There seems to be a balanced view in Nottingham on Trumps win as the Nottingham people voice their opinions.

Audio: Views from Nottingham people

It is clear that there is a divide within the public on Trumps success, but only time will tell if things will simmer down.