Owners of the Nottingham Doughnut Co are looking to expand their business to markets, factories and potentially new stores in locations such as Derby, Birmingham and Leicester. 

Megan Scaddan and Wade Smith founded The Nottingham Doughnut Company last March and never expected it to take off as it did. After just their third week of opening, in Market Square, they sold 1000 doughnuts.


The Nottingham public seemed to have a positive response to the company branching out, despite the fact it’s famous for being local and seclusive to Nottingham.


Since the opening, their unique ideas for tasty doughnuts have rocketed. They have a diverse range including several options for vegans.


To name a couple of the favourites the ‘Nottsnicker’ and ‘Reeses peanut butter’ doughnut are shown above. Among these customers can enjoy a 200 degrees coffee with other favourites such as the ‘Lucky Charms’ and the ‘Salted Caramel’ doughnut.

Megan Scaddan said; “There’s a market for it, there is no specific place just for doughnuts, I know loads of people who have drove to service stations just for a Krispy Kreme.”

Owners Megan and Wade have invested in a bigger factory to accommodate the numbers of doughnuts requested in Nottingham. They’re also keen to buy a couple more stores in the region.

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