An unknown punter has bet £37,000 on Donald Trump winning the election He stands to win almost £64,750 should ‘the Donald’ actually win.

On November the 3rd, the man visited a local Nottingham branch to place his bets.

A spokesman for William Hill said: “He came into the branch last evening, bet £15,000, then returned a little later to bet another £22,000. Both bets were at 7/4. Although, there have been two bets on Hillary Clinton which were bigger, at 550,000 Euros and £183,200 respectively.



The spokesman said: “Donald Trump’s price has been cut to 13/8 following the bets.”

The 2016 US presidential election, said to be the most dramatic election in modern history, is on the 8th of November.

A huge number has already cast their ballot, and the rest wait for the remaining four days.