Go Sober for October is a fundraising campaign aimed at challenging social drinkers to change their habits for a month and make some healthy lifestyle changes.

The benefits of not drinking include cleansing the body and mind, increased energy levels, clear healthy skin, no hangovers and not to mention the amount of money that you can save and raise!

The campaign is designed to raise money to help change the lives of people with cancer and give them the help, support and strength to fight the disease.

The charity behind the campaign aims to raise money for Macmillian Cancer Support. With over three million pounds being made so far, where does the money raised go to?

  • £1000 can pay for a Macmillian nurse for a week.
  • £100 pays for phone services on Cancer support services.
  • £210 pays for a Macmillian nurse for a week.

Kieron Warner, who is a student at Nottingham Trent University studying Sport and Exercise Science spoke to me about his commitment to the cause due to personal affection and how this campaign can help people understand the benefits to your body.

He said ” My Grandad was a big drinker which was the cause for  him getting cancer and unfortunately lead to him dying. When he was ill Macmillan really looked after him so i am always up for raising money for them”.

” Studying sport and science exercise I understand the importance of a healthy body and mind and also the affects that alcohol has on your body”.

He also mentioned that people that do get involved should not then go back to their original routine of drinking as soon as the month is up and try and reduce the amount of alcohol they intake.

Kieran Warner
Kieran Warner

More information on how to get involved in this worthy campaign can be found on the Go Sober website.