My Sight Nottingham is hosting its annual bonfire and ‘Walk on Fire’ charity event. The event, held at Nottingham Castle, will help raise money for visually impaired people across the city.

Tonight, My Sight Nottingham, a charity for visually impaired people across Nottingham, will be hosting a fundraising event at the Nottingham Castle.

Activities at the Castle on Lenton Road will include fire performers, walking on hot coals and live music from The Fat Digester and Joseph Knight.

This event has been running since 2008 but unfortunately had to be cancelled last year due to high winds. Due to this, the charity have changed the running of the event this year. The positioning of the fireworks has changed, meaning more people can view them. It also means that they can hold a bigger capacity.

“There’s something for everyone”

Nottingham Castle
Nottingham Castle






Doors open at 7pm, with live entertainment starting at 7:15. There will also be food stalls to satisfy those hungry stomachs, including hog roasts and vegetarian stalls. Chief Executive, Michael Conroy has said: ” it’s a multi-cultural event for all. It’s family friendly and includes different types of food, from doughnuts to mashed potato, there’s something for everyone”.


Michael Conroy, Chief Executive of My Sight Nottingham says why the event is important.


Tickets can be bought at the Nottingham Castle Gates.

A short slideshow detailing some basic information about the charity.

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