Students at Central Salon in Nottingham have been inspired to help the homeless. They have taken inspiration from the likes of Emmanuel House to run events for homeless people.

Emmanuel House have opened their doors to the homeless for forty years.

Over the years they have provided food, clothes and shelter – all things that we take for granted.

They have ensured a safe place for Nottingham’s most vulnerable people – making sure there is support for alcohol and drug addictions.

Salon Central in Nottingham saw the great work that the charity was achieving and wanted to do their bit to help.

They decided that, once a month, student beauticians would rally together to provide free hair and beauty appointments.

The events that are hosted are designed to provide the homeless with a night of relaxation and beauty therapy.

Dale Hazeldine, from Central Salon, says that students saw the great work that Emmanuel House does and wanted to set up something that would also help.

 ”If we can provide a service which does even half of what Emmanuel House does – then we are making a change.”

In 2016 alone 5,070 households were found to be homeless but not eligible for help – which is why events like this are so important.