Technology plays a hand in almost every aspect of life and music is no different. With this social media has aided musicians in growing their online following as well providing amateur artists with a platform for their music.

Social media has meant that musicians at both amateur and professional levels now have a way of communicating directly with their fans. Social media sites such Facebook and Twitter have been successful in bringing artists and their fans closer together.

Artists, both professional and amateur, must now maintain a strong online presence on sites like these in order to grow their audiences in the competitive music industry.

They can also use tools like social media to promote albums and tours, share other artists songs and advertise guest appearances.CROWD PICTUREPeople travel up and down to the country to watch their favourite artists perform on stage.

It is a far cry from when artists relied on posters,handing out flyers  artists promote and general word of mouth to inform people of their gigs.

Danielle Sorby, who organises the annual Dot to Dot Festival which takes place in Nottingham, Manchester and Bristol showcasing a variety of genres and numerous artists from all over the UK, believes having a digital footprint is vital to success.

She uses it to reveal just some of the artists who will be performing in Nottingham this year.


Audio: Gig promoter Danielle Sorsby (pictured above) reveals the line-up for this year’s Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham.

No matter what genre of music, social media is vital for many artists around the globe. This is especially useful for finding new and exciting prospects just starting their music careers.

YouTube and SoundCloud also offer a platform for artists who want to pursue this type of career. Over the years numerous stars have been signed to record labels after they posted songs on sites like these with Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds of Summer just two examples.

West Midlands Rock group Voodoo Sioux formed over twenty years ago. Since their early days during the 1990s, the group has noticed how self promotion via social media can be an extremely useful tool.

Voodoo Sioux are currently perfecting their hits for a possible compilation album.

Guitarist Jon Blakely feels that the introduction of social media to the world of music has changed the way artists can promote gigs and Drummer Nigel Halford has been left wondering “What if?”

Audio: Drummer Nigel Halford.

For many artists social media has opened up many exciting possibilities for them and their music. Although it is an extremely difficult area to become successful in, social media has in certain ways made it easier for musicians to sell themselves and their music to a wide scale audience they may not have had access to otherwise.