As Samsung gear up to announce the new Galaxy, Apple slim-down their iMac’s even more, and rumours leak of a new Sony console, it’s undeniable that technology is moving forward faster than ever before.

Our reliance of technology is becoming repeatedly common, with Apple announcing statistics that the average iPhone user unlocks their phone eighty times-a-day. But some worry that we’re becoming over-reliant.

“I do feel that everything we do now revolves around technology” says Naveed Ahmed, owner of Techworld, Nottingham. “It’s a necessary evil. Sometimes you want to get away from it but you can’t. Whether it’s necessary or not, you can’t help it, it’s there. Nobody functions without technology.”

“I can’t make the decision whether its a good thing or a bad thing” continued Ahmed. “Nothing functions without technology. Like anything else, everything in moderation should be good for you. However, when we were younger my parents had trouble getting us indoors, now I have trouble getting my children outdoors.”

controller-1216816_960_720Although the social change may be a threat to some, technology has proven a force for good. Rapid increases in gaming technology have given way to breakthroughs in medical research.

Doctor Peter Blanchfield, associate professor of computer science at The University of Nottingham,  explained  how these advancements have helped him.

“new technology can potentially help those with strokes, or other medical issues… lots of good things can come from technology”
Peter Blanchfield, Associate Professor at The University of Nottingham

“I’ve got a research group who are working on games that treat people with amblyopia [lazy eye]. In the past we worked on games that helped mental illness in children. We also worked on an app to help with the resuscitation of babies.

Blanchfield added; “It used to be the war-machine that would push technology forward, but now gaming is pushing technology forward. I think for me, new technology can potentially help those with strokes, or other medical issues, getting them to reintegrate into society, lots of good things can come from technology.”

Audio: Peter Blanchfield on his amblyopia app…

On a personal level, Blanchfield spoke about how it helped his social life; “I really do think that Skype and Facebook have really helped me connect with my loved ones. When I worked in the Philippines, and my daughter was back in England, email completely changed our lives.”

It’s undeniable that technology has both  positives and negatives. The saturation of electronic devices and its affect on the world may come as intimidating to  some, but it seems that there are some huge advantages.

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