Leaving the EU would benefit Britain’s dairy industry according to one Nottinghamshire farmer. Stephen Jukes of Gables farm in Newark believes that the EU has not helped farmers across Britain.

In 2015, the EU decided to lift the quota on dairy farmers which meant that they could only produce a certain amount of milk.

Since the restrictions were stopped, milk supply has largely outweighed demand and as a result, there are so called ‘milk lakes’ all over the EU.

Leaving the EU will encourage supermarkets to shop local for milk

Stephen Jukes, Farmer

Stephen Jukes believes that a potential Brexit will benefit farmers in the UK as it will encourage businesses to ‘shop local’ when it comes to buying milk.

Unfortunately, farmers in the UK have suffered due to the European Union’s failure to predict a fall in demand from China for European milk.

This fall in demand and the removal of quotas has left small farms struggling to make ends meet. This has created demands from farmers for supermarkets to raise the price in which they pay for a litre of milk.

Campaigns by the National Farmers’ Union, have included taking a cow for a walk in one of Britain’s leading supermarkets.

This resulted in some supermarkets committing to pay at least 28p per litre. However, Stephen Jukes does not feel that this is enough as the production costs average 32p per litre.

Regardless of farmers’ opinions, there is no way of ensuring that exiting the EU on June 23rd will guarantee a smoother ride for farmers in Nottinghamshire.

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