Nottingham City Council has been under-fire after issuing an anti-begging poster campaign.

Dotted around bins in the city centre, the posters read “begging: watch your money go up in smoke” and “begging funds the misuse of drugs”.

  • Council introduces #givesmart campaign to warn against giving to beggars
  • Street artist Questionmarc defaced these posters
  • Nottingham City Council has now taken the posters down

Leader of the council, Councillor Jon Collins has defended the campaign. He said; “Professional beggars can earn up to £800 a day”.

However, some people have thought of the campaign as “provocative” and “shameful”.

People even took to Twitter to show their distaste as shown by the tweet below.

Kevin Curtis, head of the Canaan Trust, a homeless charity based in Long Eaton, said that he thought the council’s efforts were “appalling”.

Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice. They are real human beings
Kevin Curtis, Head of the Canaan Trust

Mr Curtis said; “If I had the ability for the city council to spend money on posters that I would like to see up, I would be trying to send this message: Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice. Homeless is not an ‘it’, it is a ‘they’. They are someone’s father. They are someone’s son. They are someone’s brother. They are real human beings.”

But some people in Nottingham did agree with the council’s message, saying that they do see begging as a problem.

Video: Nottingham’s response to the anti-begging campaign…

The posters have now been taken down, after an anonymous street artist called Questionmarc vandalised the campaign. Lockwood TV tried to contact the council but they gave no comment.

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