After years of planning, Nottingham Castle will finally be renovated. The £24 million project will officially kick off in 2017 if funding is secured.

This week the public had their first chance to see the new plans for the refurbishment Nottingham Castle. The Official Castle Project Team visited Old Market Square at the weekend in the Royal Institute of British Architects ‘Archi-truck’.

Project Officer Faye Sudler feels the exciting new plans will bring plenty more visitors to the historical site.

“In terms of the transformation project as a whole, it’s very exciting”
Faye Sudler, Project Officer

Audio: Faye Sudler talks about the transformation plans.

Plans for the renovation come after members of the public called for a “memorable Robin Hood experience”. The creation of a new gallery will allow visitors to step back in time through Nottingham’s medieval era.

The complete list of new features can be found below.

Robin Hood Gallery: will include brand new interactive games and experiences.

Rebellion Gallery: will explore periods of social unrest and rebellion in Nottinghamshire.

The Power of Art and Making Gallery: will explore Nottingham’s famous Lace Markets.

Long Gallery: will display historical paintings and 3D objects in an evocative way.

The Caves: access to the caves within Castle Rock will be extended to reveal more of the medieval castle and beautiful views of Nottingham.

Visitor Centre: will include a new café and will become the welcome point of the new site.

The £24 million funding comes from four sources, with £13 million being donated by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Three million pounds comes from public fundraising and the Nottingham Castle Trust.

PR Manager of Experience Nottinghamshire, Erin Huckle, feels the renovation is important to bring a younger audience to the castle.

“It’s very interactive. It’s going to be really quite exciting, especially for younger people.”
Erin Huckle, PR Manager for Experience Nottinghamshire

Audio: Erin Huckle discusses how technology will play a part in transforming Nottingham Castle.

More information can be found on the renovation in this piece from NottsBeat News:

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