Cocktails, coffee, cardio. Take your pick because athleisure enables you to wear yoga pants whilst socialising with your friends or hitting the gym.

Athleisure is a trend in which leisure-wear, designed for workouts, is worn outside the gym for social occasions or just as an everyday outfit and superstar Beyoncé Knowles is cashing in.

The American actress and singer has released a collaboration with Sir Philip Green (Topshop).

“I have always loved topshop for its fashion credentials and forward thinking”

Statement made by Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé’s 200-piece collection was released last Thursday (April 14) in Topshop stores throughout the UK.  The collection will also be sold in SelfridgesJD sports and Net-A-Porter.

The collection ranges from sports bras, leggings, sweaters, leotards, to sliders.


Photo: Ivy Park sliders, relevant for laps at the pool or for summer


Photo: Ivy Park leggings, come in low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise

Fashion student Mica Double, from Nottingham Trent University, believes the range represents modern lifestyles.

“speaks a lot for our generation”

AUDIO: Mica Double interview

Beyoncé is a huge role model for this generation  and there is evidence on Twitter that her style is followed by the public Here.

Assistant Debenhams buyer Juliette Wall feels that

Beyoncé is all for female empowerment

AUDIO: Juliette Wall interview


Photo: Ivy Park collection featured in Nottingham store

Beyoncé hopes that with the release of this new collection it will motivate women to hit the gym and take the approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Although the collection is aimed at women in general, it appears that only the younger generation of Nottingham really know what Ivy park is.

NottsBeat radio covered the release of Ivy Park which you can listen to here.

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