Knit Nottingham, the city centre’s only independent yarn shop, has reached and exceeded its fundraising target to move location into the heart of the city.

Eleanor Burke, shop owner of the store, is currently on Mansfield road and is set to move to Trinity Walk, thanks to fundraising from knitters worldwide. Eleanor, who set up a crowd funder for donations, received her £2,000 target in a matter of hours.

12674806_10156575156385714_217391994_oImage: Shop owner, Eleanor Burke, inside Knit Nottingham.

The new location of the premises boasts a bigger amount of space for customers and employees to be able to shop and move around.

Eleanor is hoping that with the new shop, she can have employees working at the same time as herself because on Mansfield Road, the space is too small for anyone else to work.

She hopes that Trinity walk will allow her to host workshops and knit groups, to teach and help her customers learn more about knitting and to improve their skills.

Eleanor believes it is her expertise and knowledge which has helped to create such a strong customer relationship. “I do have a very strong personal relationship with customers,” she said.

Audio: Eleanor Burke speaks about what sets her business apart.

Despite the brilliant space and central location of the new shop, Eleanor is worried about her relationship with the customers being affected. She believes that a bigger shop may make communicating more impersonal.

The owner’s focus is to now add the quirkiness of her current smaller store into her new shop which she states is much more professional looking.

She could not believe the response from the public, even receiving donations from people in America, “I received a fiver, from San Diego. It’s just mad!”


Courtney Welham, who is a keen knitter and has shopped at the independent, store believes the new location will benefit the business, making it more accessible and well known to everybody in the city.

She continued that knitting has a stigma, which will be lessened by the new location. “It’s quite a creative thing I think people see it as something old people do, when it’s not it’s actually really therapeutic.”

Eleanor is an avid YouTube fan, posting several videos a week on how-tos and knitting guides, saying that social media has really helped to gain fans worldwide – even as far as Saudi Arabia. You can view the YouTube page here.

The store is set to move to its new location around March or April.

More information can be seen on Knit Nottingham’s website.