A new scheme has been launched by Nottingham Mencap to provide safe places in the community for vulnerable people with learning disabilities.

Nottingham City Council has been working with Nottingham Mencap to make sure that Loxley House is officially known as a ‘safe place’ as well as other venues across Nottinghamshire.

There are more than a hundred and forty safe places in the city and county, such as libraries, public buildings, shops and police stations. Where vulnerable people can go if they get into trouble, or feel unsafe or a victim of hate crime.

According to Nottingham Mencap:

  • Disability hate crime is hugely under reported
  • Disability hate crime has a huge effect on the quality of life of victims; often they become scared and isolated.
  • As many as 9 out of 10 people with learning disabilities have been a victim of hate crime; many of these suffer regular harassment.

Nottingham Mencap is a local charity which help people with learning disabilities or difficulties, and their families and carers.

Karen Aspley, coordinator of the safe places scheme, says there are many challenges vulnerable people may face.

Karen Aspley- coordinator of the safe places scheme

A vulnerable person has a Safe Places Help Card with their name and emergency contact details. If a person needs help, they can show their help card to a member of staff in a safe Place.

  Safe Places Help Card 

The scheme continues to expand and provide more safe places across the county for vulnerable people.


People from Nottingham Mencap