With constant drink deals and club entry offers being thrown at students, it’s getting harder not to pass up weekly nights out. However, the recent deaths and injuries caused from nights out in Nottingham has shone a light on this issue.

Jake Anderson, Rock City Supervisor
Jake Anderson – Rock City Supervisor

In an interview with Jake Anderson, bar supervisor at the popular student nightclub Rock City, he explains how drug taking and heavy drinking has become the norm for students.




He said: “You have to be really careful when you’re drinking” as he has had experiences where people have gone over their limit in the past.”

Audio: Jake Anderson: “We have to be really alert”

Although drinking excessively seems to be part of the package when coming to university – perhaps more should be done to control the large amounts of it on nights out and within clubs.

 “If they can provide a safe environment, reasonably priced drinks and good entertainment, people will continue to support nightclubs” – Mike Knight

Mike Knight, former manager of another popular student nightclub in Nottingham Oceana believes there has been an improvement with police during student nights.

“A lot of trouble has been caused by people pre-loading but police are getting better at spotting people falling out of a taxi. Clubs have also got a lot better at security,” said Knight.

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