Nottingham City Council has outlined plans for the redevelopment of the Guildhall and surrounding buildings in the heart of the city centre

The Guildhall, Nottingham City Council’s previous location, is being transformed into a 4-Star Hotel and the council has already exchanged contracts with the police and fire services to obtain the surrounding buildings when they move.

Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service will be moving to a new building on London Road later this year.

Nottinghamshire Police will instead be moving into Byron House on Main Marian Way.

Plans for these moves have been in place since 2014, although only now has an official announcement about the city council plans been made.

The space currently held by the fire and police services will be converted into A-Grade office space and a new conference centre to complement the current Nottingham Conference Centre.

Councillor Graham Chapman, City Council Deputy Leader, said: “This is a key city centre site we’ve long had ambitions for and I’m pleased we’re now in a position to see the whole site developed”.