Students from three Nottingham academies have been visiting local businesses to help improve their language skills, pupils have visited a local tapas bar and Nottingham Forest to practice their Spanish skills.

Executive head of the Trent Academies Group, Phil Crompton, believes that traditional teaching methods are not preparing today’s students for working life after leaving school.

Mr Crompton believes that a more hands on approach to learning will help pupils to learn skills that will make them attractive to employers. He says, “In the last 40 years education has changed so much, yet the subjects we teach and the way we teach them have not changed.”

spanish flag

GCSE Spanish students have been practising their language skills at The Tapastry, a tapas restaurant in the city centre. Melanie Stapleford, owner of the independent business told us about what the students have been involved with.

“By sending them into a real working environment, they’ll pick up the skills they need”

Phil crompton

Other than working at the restaurant for the day, students have visited Nottingham Forest FC to coach the academy players on basic Spanish and others even developed their own mobile app.

“It’s something that we’re piloting this year and we’re going to have it fully integrated into the curriculum next year,” said Mr Crompton.

“What employers talk about is resilience, we hear the word crop up time and time again, it’s often difficult to teach these kind of attributes in a classroom environment so I feel that by sending them into a real working environment, they’ll pick up the skills they need.”